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Google Podcasts ‘For You’ episode recommendations available

Google has updated their systems to add a “For You” episode recommendations to the Google Podcasts app now available to all podcast listeners.

Credit: 9 to 5 mac

On Android and iOS, the “Explore” tab opens to a “For you” feed of recommended episodes based on your subscriptions and listening history- similar to Spotify and Apple’s feature. These suggestions are fed through using an algorithm and AI that detects keywords you type in to bring you podcasts of similar genre(s)/hosts/topics.

Now available on as a carousel underneath “Your subscriptions.”

This homepage previously just surfaced top shows in several categories, as well as what’s “Popular & trending.” Each suggested episode card features the podcast name, publisher, title, and description. The play button doubles as the duration count. There are 21 episodes in the carousel that correspond to what appears in the mobile apps.

google podcasts 'for you' episode recomendations
'For You' on Google Podcasts

How can I use Google podcasts to promote my podcast?

In order for your podcast to become discoverable in Google Podcasts app, you have to make sure you have the right keywords in your episode descriptions AND show description. 

That way, when people search particular terms or words, your podcast will appear in their feed.

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How can I add my podcast to Google Podcasts?

  1. See if your podcast is already on Google:
    1. Open Google Podcasts.
    2. Search for your podcast.
    3. If you find your podcast, there’s no need to do anything more.
  2. If don’t find your podcast on Google Podcasts, add it as described in Get your podcast on Google.

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