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Free Podcast Music Library from Transistor fm

Adding music to your podcast is a grey area and copyright laws make it even more complicated. In short, you can’t use commercial music at the start, middle or end of your podcast because any commercial music is under copyright. 

Spotify, in particular, uses AI tech to scan all podcast episodes and is removing podcasts that contain fingerprints of popular songs. free music for podcasts

Music isn’t essential. The show’s all about your voice, after all.

But if you wanted to add some jingle to your podcast, you need to find ‘royalty free music’ or tracks.  Transistor fm announced they have released free podcast intro music.

How do I get free intro music?

You can download Transistor’s royalty-free tracks (MP3 and WAV) for podcasters here:


Download free music tracks:

  • Mystery show (40 seconds) – MP3 | WAV

  • Fast banjo (16 seconds) – MP3

  • Synthwave (11 seconds) – MP3 WAV

  • Chunky guitar (8 seconds) – MP3 | WAV

  • Epic metal (8 seconds) – MP3 WAV

  • Ambient guitar (8 seconds) – MP3 WAV

  • Light guitar (8 seconds) – MP3 WAV

The above music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

You’re free to use this intro music in your podcast. All you need to do is download, and copy & paste this attribution into your show notes:

Podcast theme music by Learn how to start a podcast here.

You can also access free music for your podcast by searching ‘royalty free music/sounds’ on youtube.

Alternatively, below are some website you can visit for free podcast music:

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