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Facebook Podcasts are here!

It’s official: Facebook Podcasts are here! The community building app seems to have everything you need on the Internet from videos, to ads, shopping, Reels and now podcasting.

Facebook Podcasts

Earlier this year, Facebook announced their interest in tapping into the social audio by creating their own ClubHouse clone. They’d also announced a partnership with Spotify creating a mini player that allows users to listen to podcasts directly through Spotify to Facebook.

It comes as no surprise that Facebook is now officially adding podcasting to their catalogue of services. The company will let page owners upload podcasts on their pages starting June 22.

According to The Verge, Facebook sent an email to page owners notifying them of the feature. If you’re a page owner, you’ll be able to link the RSS feed of your podcast episodes, so they’ll eventually start showing up in the News Feed.


Users will also benefit from the Clips feature which allows users to create and distribute their favourite sound clips from each episode. As with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms, anyone can set up an RSS feed to add a podcast to Facebook. Once the podcast is approved, new episodes will be shown there automatically.

The only concern seems to be the Terms of service that Facebook has released which suggest that it can use some of your work in a derivative manner to distribute the podcast. However, that being said, you do have the option to opt out any time should you wish.

Nathan Gathright, creator of Podlink gave an analysis of the Terms on social app Twitter.

Big tech companies have become increasingly interested in podcasts/social audio, as this format has become even more popular after the lockdown of 2020.

Samsung, Netflix, Amazon Music & Google have also entered the podcasting industry. LinkedIn, Reddit and Discord will also release their audio platforms in the following months.

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