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Facebook clones ClubHouse in new Messenger Rooms

Facebook seems to be the talk of this weekend after images of their Messenger rooms were leaked this weekend. 

The app which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2009 has now added the audio feature to the list of never ending features Facebook is copying.

Facebook clones clubhouse
Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi

You don’t need to know much about ClubHouse but if all majority of the social media platforms copying this audio feature, then it’s probably worth paying some attention to. Twitter also tested a BETA version of their audio features ‘Twitter Spaces‘ earlier this month.

Clubhouse is the audio-only, invite-only social network where you can create rooms where users can gather to talk about different topics. Think of it as an audio ‘House Party‘. The app has quickly gained popularity, largely due to the fact it has attracted high-profile users like Elon Musk, actress Mo’nique, Get Out actor Lakeith Stanfeld, rapper Drake and others.


ClubHouse has reportedly been downloaded over 5.5million times which is no surprise that Facebook is creating their own copy of the audio feature. 

Facebook has a history of seeing a good idea, and either trying to acquire it, and when it can’t, copying it outright. Maybe the most obvious example is Instagram Stories, the disappearing message feature the company copied from Snapchat. Then there’s Reels, Instagram’s less-compelling version of TikTok

Mark Zuckerberg even went on Clubhouse in February to praise the creators for what it had pioneered but it seems Facebook sees Clubhouse as just another networking format to be knocked off.

There hasn’t been a unique feature Facebook has created since it’s partnership with Instagram so, does this mean Mark Zuckerberg and his team have run out of creative ways to keep people on Facebook? 

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