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Is ClubHouse the future of podcasting?

Last week ClubHouse announced ClubHouse payments which caused a storm but is ClubHouse the future of podcasting?

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ClubHouse and podcasting

The exponential growth of ClubHouse over the past year has in some way threatened podcasting with many users admitting an addiction over the audio app. The COVID-19 pandemic has leveraged the use of audio as a way of staying connected and ClubHouse couldn’t have had a better launch.

The platform has recently added monetisation to the platform (which was teased in February 2021) and any creator will soon be able to make money directly from ClubHouse. So, now that it’s easier to make money from the audio platform: is ClubHouse the future of podcasting?

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ClubHouse monetisation

In short, no. Regardless of the newly announced monetisation features, ClubHouse isn’t the future of podcasting for a number of reasons. 

  1. The audio experience of podcasts and ClubHouse are totally different. ClubHouse is less structured and nurtures real-time conversations which makes it more digestible in real-life but not in play back.
  2. Podcasting is more seamless and offers less distractions from other hosts due to production.

        3. Live audio (much like ClubHouse) is a thrill. But there is value in playback, which allows for greater listening experience.

        4.While ClubHouse has introduced monetisation to the app, it’s still relatively difficult to monetise directly from the app which is much easier with podcasting.

        5. When users leave ClubHouse, they somehow loose connection with the people they meet on the app but with podcasting, people will still listen to new episodes when they’re released even when you’re not online.

        6. Did podcasting kill radio? No. 

Much of Clubhouse is boring, yes, but it’s boring in the same way that much of a certain kind of podcast is also boring. Monetisation won’t change that.

Podcasts let you listen to what you want when you want and lets you re-live that moment/knowledge: a feature that ClubHouse doesn’t have as of yet.

So, monetisation or not: no, ClubHouse will not take over podcasting. Use our free guides to start your podcast.

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