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Audio supermarket Dramafy wants you

Audio supermarket Dramafy is looking for producers, writers and audio influencers to create of audio dramas and a marketplace for audio/fiction podcasts to be included in the new service.

Credit: Dramafy app

What is Dramafy?

Dramafy is the listening destination for the best dramatised audio productions with actors, fully scripted and immersive sound experience. Think of it as a Netflix for audio dramas.

It is not a streaming service for music, traditional podcasts, audio-book service or network with a fixed broadcast schedule that licenses materials from content creators or producers.

This revolutionary platform was designed by Ken Harris in abid to create a marketplace where content producers can earn money for their work and listeners can easily find a wide range of engaging listening options aside from podcasts.

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Credit: Dramafy

Dramafy is currently looking for writers, producers and soon drama/fiction podcasts a chance to create more meaningful audio content to enlighten and entertain everyone.

How does Dramafy work?

The platform offers audio influencers, writers and producers a revenue sharing income model based on gross subscription revenue. Essentially, the more a piece is listened to on the app, the more the money the creator earns. The best part is you as the creator retain full rights to your work.

A win win scenario for everyone!

submit to dramafy
Credit: Dramafy

“We have created a marketplace exclusively for audio drama/fiction podcasts so that this amazing content doesn’t get lost in a vast sea of music and podcasts” stated Elizabeth Hansen, an award-winning screenwriter and playwright, and Chief Creative Officer for Dramafy.

How can I submit to Dramafy?

You have to be atleast 18 years old to submit your work but find more details on how to submit your work directly on their website.

What does this mean for audio influencers?

Platforms like Dramafy are changing the status quo in the realm of the audio sphere by creating tangible and monetisation opportunities for ‘behind the scenes’ creators without waiting for mainstream success. Writers, voiceovers, authors and drama/fiction podcasts can monetise their content in ways that have never existed before.

This is particularly revolutionary because the entertainment industry was massively affected by the pandemic leaving writers/actors with no way of making money to support themselves. This offers content creators that are behind the scenes and are thus often ignored, a chance of making revenue independently of their jobs.

“Given the unique nature of audio drama/fiction podcasts, the effort, talent, and resources necessary to produce them, and the relative size of the Audio Drama market, Dramafy is confident that we can better serve the creators of Audio Dramas in the areas of monetization, marketing, and management of technology than other streaming services.” says Elizabeth Hansen, Chief Creative Officer for Dramafy.

Reignite your imagination and submit your show here!

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