Because I Said So! Podcast Gives Underrepresented Voices a Playful Platform

Because I Said So! is a brand-new Australian podcast that does things a bit differently. Listeners can learn about – and relate to – the experiences of people of colour navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up in the Western world. But unlike other podcasts tackling those same issues, hosts Nazanin and Lem talk about raw, unfiltered and often raunchy realities of life. No topics are off-limits, and nothing is left to the imagination.

The podcast draws its name from the hard-hitting conversation-stopper parents across the globe use to nip an argument firmly in the bud: because I said so.

For Nazanin and Lem, these four simple words raised a whole bunch of questions. Now, as adults, it’s time to uncover the answers, however embarrassing, politically incorrect, or, as their parents would say, foul they may be. Here’s hoping their mums and dads don’t tune in!

“We’ve all heard it before,” Nazanin says. “As kids, we just accepted it.”

“The podcast is our place to laugh, bitch, and moan about our parents’ favourite line,” adds Lem.

Nazanin and Lem have that fiery chemistry that makes listening to their podcast feel like chatting with old friends. Nazanin is a Persian refugee who came to Australia as a toddler. She’s a self-confessed perfectionist that, despite being in her adulthood, is still scared of her mum.

“I was quite literally grounded until age 19,” says Nazanin. “If that doesn’t paint a picture of my childhood, I don’t know what does.”

Lem, an Arab gay women with a not-so-secret talent for all things music, is also a refugee who’s been exposed to Western culture for most of her life, but has only been in Australia the past few years. Listeners will laugh as she turns just about everything into either a sex joke or song.

“I’m a good time,” Lem laughs.

Listeners from all walks of life – different ages, races, abilities, genders, sexualities, family units and everything in between – can learn from and laugh along with Because I Said So!. The topics covered are universal, ranging from body hair and marriage to moving out of home, language, cultural differences, and career.

“Our podcast is light-hearted and a little cheeky, but we touch on the big stuff: identity, morality, and finding independence,” says Nazanin.

“We live in a world that’s completely different to the one our parents grew up in,” says Lem. “Our podcast is a judgement-free safe space where we can learn, explore, experiment, and confess.”

A celebration of diverse perspectives, Nazanin and Lem’s podcast share their points-of-view and personal anecdotes to make their listeners feel comfortable about uncomfortable topics.

Because I Said So! aims to represent the voices of some of Australia’s minority groups, voices that are often not heard in mainstream media. Off-the-cuff and playful, Nazanin and Lem show that we all struggle through life’s ups and downs regardless of background.

“Ultimately, it’s about connection with each other, our listeners, our communities, and ourselves,” says Lem.

Hosts Nazanin and Lem offer a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Contact for further information.

Because I Said So! is out now so don’t forget to subscribe and download from iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

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