7 ways to support your favourite podcast

“How do I support my favourite podcast?”

We get so much value and pleasure from listening to podcasts and it can be hard to find a good show but once you find it, it’s like finding a new show on Netflix: you just can’t stop binge listening.

In this article, you’re going to discover 7 ways to support your favourite podcast.

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How can I support a podcast?

Just like any musician, actor or influencer, podcast creators need your support and appreciation to grow. The good thing is that supporting a podcast doesn’t require money so here’s how you can do it for free.

1, Apple Podcasts Reviews

Reviews are so important for any business to grow and the same applies to podcasts. So why not give your favourite podcaster a review on Apple Podcasts? This will help them become more credible and let other people know what listeners love about the show.

2, Spotify Ratings

Spotify introduced a ratings system on the platform to allow podcast listeners to rate your favourite shows out of 5stars.

The ratings will allow podcast creators to see that their content is being appreciated which is a great feeling to keep them motivated.


I mean if you love a podcast surely you should follow the personalities behind the show on social media right?

If you’ve made it to their social media be sure to leave comments on their posts and interact with them. Let them know if you agree or disagree with their opinions.

4, Reposts/Quote Tweets/Story Shares

Talking about social media, people share their ALOT of content on their Instagram Story, quote tweets and reposts.

Therefore if your favourite podcaster has shared their new episode or a clip of their latest episode, quote tweet it to let other people what you’re listening to. Repost or share the content on your Instagram story to let other people what they’re missing out on.

5, Emails

Everyone loves a compliment or feedback so why not send an email telling them how an episode resonated with you? Maybe you want to fact-check them on some misinformation they offered on the latest episode.

Send them an email and they’ll appreciate it: you may receive a shoutout on their next episode too!

6, Word mouth

Nothing in this world is as effective as word of mouth when it comes to promoting. As humans we do this alot with music and Netflix/TV shows/movies. 

So go ahead and tell your friends, family, colleagues, siblins. Everyone you know. Put them all on.

7, Vote for them

Award shows aren’t specific to actors or musicians: nowadays they  extend to podcasters and there are so many emerging podcast award shows globally.

Make your vote or nomination count!

And there you have it: 7 ways to support your favourite podcast for free!

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