Who doesn’t like a gender based debate? Massive thank you to our panellists and hosts for their engagement during our ‘Men vs Women’ event. Hosted by Temi Alchemy and Fred Santana (hosts on the 90s Baby Show podcast) and Hemah K (presenter on Beat 1036fm) be prepared to learn and laugh so hard your cheeks hurt! Catch up on the Youtube below.

Topics – Dating

• Can you be in love with 2 people at the same time?

• Can men tell their women everything? 


•Men: One night you’re making love but she says someone else’s name in the moment. She apologises. What do you do next?

• Women: What is the worst thing for him to do: bring the side piece into your family home while you’re at work and the children at school or buying her an apartment and seeing her whenever he goes away. What do you next?

Click the video see what the responses were (Ps – be ready to laugh so hard you cry). 

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