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Your show should be available anywhere people consume podcasts: not just Spotify and Apple podcasts. Let us show you how…

By now you’ve figured out how your podcast is going to look and sound like down to the tee: from the artwork, to the script, to the hosting platform. Now you’re wondering, well how or where do I record the content if you’re living in London.

We’ve curated some of the notable studios to record your podcast. Prefer to do it at home? Scroll down for tips on recording at home.

1, GUAP Studios

Located in South East London, GUAP Studios is THE place to record your podcast. The studio is very affordable and run by the friendly team of Ibrahim Kamara and Jide Adetunji who also run GUAP Magazine (the world’s first video magazine).

At an hourly rate of £20 per slot, (with half price discounts for bundle packages) the quality at GUAP studios. Your files are sent to you within 48hours (usually on the same day) via Wetransfer so you don’t have to worry about loosing your audio files (that is if you download them on time).

2, Jukebox Recording Studios

Located in the famous area where we (Londoners) celebrate Nottinghill carnival, Jukebox Recording Studios is the perfect studio for those looking to record in luxurious surrounding at a reasonable price.

Recently renovated in the past year, Jukebox Recording Studios now features 3 studios (previously 1): all suitable for capturing the perfect audio AND video content for your podcast.

Jukebox Recording Studios hourly price is £25 per hour which includes use of up to 6mics, expert recording in a very comfortable setting. You receive your recording within a matter of minutes after recording and similarly to GUAP studios, the files are sent via Wetransfer! Book your slot using this link.

3, Podcast Studio Hire

If you’re looking for aesthetics, this is THE place to be.

Podcast Studio Hire is located in South Woodford and it’s characterised by pristine looking setup featuring 2 microphones, professional lightning and cameras.

There are additional packages for those in need of video recording and both audio & video editing to suit your needs. Book your slot here.

4, Blank Box Studios

Blankbox Studio is a state of the art podcast studio located in South Woodford, East London. The studio is ideal for first time presenters, one-off podcasts, regulars or brands and companies looking to create and record content with ease.

The booking rates start from £70 featuring expert producers supporting with recording your audio, microphones and more. Book your slot here.

5, Pixiu Studio

Founded in 2008, Pixiu studio is one of the most loved industry studios in London. The team has worked on podcasts led by celebrities and media powerhouse like TV news reader June Sarpong, ex Dragon Piers Linney, Champion League podcast, Virgin Media, Reggie Yates and a Skins special back during the early formation years of Pixiu studio.

Located near Old Street station, Pixiu studio is the place for those looking for high end studio with guaranteed quality results. Get your celebrity feel using this link.

For home based recording options, click here for tips on how to achieve great audio for your podcast without visiting a studio.


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