Podcast Listening Platforms

Podcast growth is the major killer for majority of podcasts and in this guide we show you the popular podcast listening platforms your podcast HAS to be on to truly grow your listenership.

Podcast Discoverability

‘How can I grow my podcast listeners?’

One of the biggest misconceptions of podcast growth is that for your show to grow, you need to have 1000s of followers and social media clout.

Infact, your show can grow listeners without you doing alot of work but you need to make sure your show is available on more podcast listening platforms than just Apple podcasts and Spotify.

Learn how to promote your podcast.

Most popular podcast listening platforms 2021

Did you know that people listen to podcasts outside of Apple Podcasts and Spotify? *GASP*

Yes there are so many other platforms/apps that people use to listen to podcasts and we have listed the ones you need to make sure your podcast is on to have that global reach. 


What other platforms or apps can people use to listen to my podcast?

There are a variety of different platforms that people use to listen to podcasts so make sure you’re not limiting your reach. We have listed platforms your podcast need to be on for optimal growth.

The importance of podcast discoverability 

Podcast discoverability is a major component of your podcast growth so make sure that podcast listeners/fans/lovers are able to tune into your show on all the various platforms.

Not to forget that some phone users will gravitate to certain apps/platforms over others. For instance, Google pixel or Huawei users won’t be able to tune into Apple podcasts because those aren’t iOs devices. While they can still tap into apps like Spotify, why not have your podcast easily accessible to them on Google Podcasts so they don’t have to link to external platforms?


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