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A Night With … Rhea Ellen, Fols & Mr Vans, Lippy, Rejoice and Ree Sewell

Our 2nd installment was another success! The panellists: content creator & Youtuber Rhea Ellen, Fols and Mr Vans of Off The Cuff podcast, Lippy, Social media manager Rejoice and Ree Sewell engaged in very controversial discussions and we’d like to take this moment to thank them for their time and input.

Picture by Dillon Everest – A Night With… event 2018

In the lead on to the event, there had been unrest on social media following some harrowing comments made by Kanye West concerning slavery and his partnership with ‘He-who-shall-not-be-named’. Below are the topics the panellists and audience discussed which were influenced by the current affairs:

1, Having watched Kanye West’s recent interview with both Charlemagne and TMZ what do we make of the comments he made? In particular the phrase ‘slavery of 400 years was a choice’ and ‘you have to fight hate with love’ in relation to Trump.

2, What if we as Black people completely stopped teaching our children about the terrible things that happened to our ancestors and focused on teaching them the richness of African history prior to slavery/colonialism? Would we be raising a generation that believes we’ve already overcome?

Alex Reads, Raifa Rafiq and Derek of Mostly Lit podcast at A Night With… event 2018

The second part of the event was focused on relationships, dating and gender dynamics which saw a divide between the men and women.

1, Can you or your partner have a “work wife’ or “work husband?” Is this okay, or out of bounds?

  • What if the work husband is buying her small presents (like buys her lunch or her fav magazine or brings her chocolates)?
  • What she packs him a box of food but she says it’s harmless and there’s nothing between them?

2, Should you tone down your sexy when you get into a relationship? This could be how you dress or your flirtatious manner.

3, Steve Harvey said –  “The one thing I know about women is women don’t really want to just date. They want to date with the hope that it leads to a relationship.” True or false?

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