Virtual Podcast Festival #BlackLivesMatter special

After 3 months locked up at home BBE is back hosting our first virtual live podcast.On August 9th, we’ll be discussing topics pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement ranging from racism in sport, Black feminism, LGBTQA movement in London and more.

While 2018 has been our best year so far, this year the COVID-19 pandemic got us stranded. The restriction imposed by government to stop the spread of this deadly virus left us with little to no place for live events. Nevertheless, nothing can hold us back. After 3 months locked up at home the BBE Team we’re back for an exclusive online podcast. Our very 1st virtual podcast!

On August 9th, we’ll be discussing topics pertaining to the Black Lives Matter movement ranging from racism in sport, self empowerment, Black British LGBTA movement in London and the impact of social media on the movement. No mask, no gloves and no social distancing needed, a simple laptop or phone with a camera will do. So put this date on your calendar and get ready for a good session of banter and positive energy. Grab your tickets by clicking on the image below.

BBE’s 1st live virtual podcast festival

Nowadays podcast have become so popular that anyone with a computer and something to say can make one. Yet, podcast is nothing recent. Initially called ‘audio blogging’, podcast exist since the 1980’s. The early 2000’s saw a rise in the birth of technological devices such as the iPod. This allowed for smoother transfer of these ‘audio blogs’ to an audio player as MP3 files became mainstream. By 2003 people were able to download audio blogs to their iPod. Journalist Ben Hammersley wrote a column on radio blogs for The Guardian. In this column, the journalist coined the term ‘podcasting’ which explains the word ‘pod’ in podcasting. The same year, Apple added ‘podcasting’ to its iTunes music library. During an onstage interview Steve Jobs demonstrated how anybody could create a podcast using their Mac.


As the world became busier, podcasting became more popular. Whether you are cooking, cleaning, working, or showering podcasts are very easy to listen to. Streaming platform Spotify has taken center lead on pushing this kind of entertainment. They currently have a programme called Sound Up which aims to raise the next generation of Black podcasters through education, workshops and support. The goal is to create new voices, stories and perspectives in podcasting.

It comes as no surprise that in April 2020, and according to the website, there are over 30 million podcasts: the equivalent of Ghana’s population. In 2018, 63% of podcast listeners were male between 24 and 35 and 67% of podcast listeners consumed it on their phone. In the UK 6.5 million adults listen to podcast and this industry has been projected to bring in $1.1 billion this year alone. Shows that the podcasting sector is ever growing into a highly profitable and substantial market.

Alot of water has flowed under the bridge since Joe Budden’s number one song ‘Pump it up’ hit the charts. Now the rap star turned into a podcast superstar signed a 2 year exclusive deal with Spotify making him the 1st podcaster to land an exclusive deal. Airing since 2015, the Joe Budden Podcast has become a part of popular culture giving us a critical explorations into celebrity lives, discussing everything from music, new releases, Black culture and more. Along with his friends Rory, Mal and Parks (or the JBP boys as they jokingly call eachother), the trio debate and dissect the news mainly linked to American hip hop culture. Hilarious and relevant, the Joe Budden Podcast definitely has the recipe to make you laugh and smile even on your worst day.

The 90’s Baby Show is a complete mayhem. Everything goes right, left, front and center and that’s what makes it so good to listen. Either you’re watching it on YouTube or listening on Spotify and after one hour you’ll feel like you’ve been doing two hours of crunches from the laughter.

Hosted by Temi Alchemy and Fred Santana, 90’s Baby show is a podcast that explores the mind of a 90s baby: a generation that the media loves to call ‘millennials’. Questioning, debating and exploring some of the most serious but also playful topics, 90’s baby show podcast will have you crying, laughing and screaming at the same time.

What if you and your homegirls hosted a podcast where you can talk about anything and everything? Well, that’s what Milena, Audrey and Tolly did. The podcast first started as a six episodes series, but due to growing popularity the trio decided to continue and are now broadcasting on Spotify. From pop culture to sexuality, these three young women discuss a variety of issues that leads to debate, banter, laughter and all that always in a good spirit. Their dilemma section is hilarious so if you have a pending issue, whether funny or serious, the ladies will be on hand to help you.

Based in New York City, The Read is a weekly podcast hosted by Kid Furry and Crissle West. These two close friends started their podcast in 2013 and have now over 85 million listens all over the world. With special guests like Kelly Rowland or Issa Rae, The Read has gained a serious reputation in the world of podcast. These two lovebirds handle the art of throwing shade to perfection. No one is safe from their incisive comments. More than just a just a podcast, The Read also serves as a therapy session in which the two hosts openly talk about their mental health.

Progressive, emotive and addictive, The Read is the perfect podcast for your afternoon tea.

During her final year of university, Liv Little founded Gal-Dem, a magazine curated by people of colour for people of colour. This magazine came as a response to the under-representation of people of colour in Journalism. Five years later, Gal-Dem is still going strong and as a result to its globalisation, on April 2020, the magazine came up with its
own podcast called ‘Growing up with Gal-Dem’. Hosted by Liv Little and Charlie Brinkhurst. The podcast aims to champion important conversations on growing up which everyone can relate to.

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